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 "Fallen" is a beautiful film, in which I was the lighting Gaffer on. Shot  by Cinematographer Brad Rushing; Brad trusted me as his lighting Gaffer on "Fallen" and I think the results are fantastic. The lighting strategy on "Fallen" was centered around naturalism. We shot this film in an old Hotel in downtown Los Angeles and made use of the ambient light and the existing practicals; if we needed to increase the light levels,  we made use of old school Kino Flos. The VFX sequence was shot on green screen with larger tungsten sources, fresnels and open face pars. "Fallen" makes use of strong back light, giving the film a noir look, but also adding a touch of grace and elegance. Collaborating with and being entrusted to execute the lighting plan for an  accomplished Cinematographer like Brad Rushing has been one of t he highlights of my lighting career. 

Director: Tommy Maddox,asc

Director of Photography

"Beautiful" is a music video I collaborated on with Tommy Maddox, ASC. Maddox was making his foray into directing on this project and asked me if I could help him DoP, because he would be coming on as the Director.We had the location for one day, a very limited budget and a small crew. To save time, Maddox and I wore multiple hats; we used 2 cameras and would share the load in terms of lighting and camera placement. Being a DoP for a Director, that is also a DoP, made things much easier for me and because I had been Maddox's lighting gaffer for so many years, we were able to speak "short hand" and get through the day with ease. 

       Pepper: No Control

Additonal DoP
2nd Unit/VFX 

The Music Video No Control by the Los Angeles based band Pepper was an interesting project to say the least. This video was about getting more bang for the buck. (more to come...)

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